Advertising should protect privacy, security, and defend democracy.

What is the Center for Data and Advertising Security?

The Center for Data and Advertising Security (CfDAS) is a bipartisan coalition of data, advertising, and technology experts who recognize that the modern data driven marketing systems is a dual-use technology.

What is a dual-use technology? Dual use technology is one that can serve positive purposes but in the wrong hands can be weaponized to cause harm to society, freedoms, and democracy.

CfDAS believes that data driven advertising does and can provide positive outcomes for individuals, businesses, and society but there has been a failure by the industry to openly and candidly address the inherent risks.

The foundational principle of CfDAS is to provide transparency and education to policy makers, regulators, and companies on how to proactively address the risks and harms from the weaponization of data driven advertising, while also giving meaningful guidance on solutions.

We focus on solving the problem created by surveillance capitalism.

CfDAS was co-founded by a group of privacy, data, media, technology, and marketing professionals with a collective 40+ years industry experience in the data driven advertising ecosystem.

Our experts have practical first-hand industry experience working for the world’s largest advertising agencies, brands, and technology companies.

Key Area of Focus



Brand Safety



Misinformation/ Disinformation

National Security

Policy & Regulation



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